CM0102 Resources


Faster commentary file

Increase the speed of the in-game commentary with this file. Unlike other commentary files, this will not generate any errors.

You may change time (in milliseconds) that each commentary line should display for. Usually the messages are 900 or 1500. You can choose anywhere between 1 and 1500. 300 is recommended for fast play, but with the ablity to make changes during the game.

(roughly 340-380 KB) - 6656 downloads


After downloading the file "events_eng.cfg", place it in your Championship Manager 01/02's data folder. You may want to back-up your current "events_eng.cfg" file first.

The changes will take effect when you restart CM0102.

Close the instructions


The best scouting utility available for CM0102.

Download CM Scout V2.0 (483 KB) - 22303 downloads

Graeme Kelly's Save Game Editor (versions 3.7 and 4.0)

A great save game editor with regen tracking and custom commands.

Download GK Save Game Editor V4.0 (2.50 MB) - 1627 downloads

Download GK Save Game Editor V3.7 (2.43 MB) - 9735 downloads

CM Explorer

Brilliant data editor / save game editor. Always back up if you are editing a saved game as CM Explorer seems to corrupt older saved games.

Download CM Explorer V1.2 (317 KB) - 16212 downloads

GPF2 (Generated Player Finder)

Lists regenerated players and who their predecessor was.

Download GPF 2 (260 KB) - 13496 downloads